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Internet Shakespeare Editions

Established in 1996, "the Internet Shakespeare Editions (ISE) is a non-profit scholarly website publishing in three main areas: Shakespeare’s plays and poems, Shakespeare’s life and times, and Shakespeare in performance". The mission of the ISE is "to inspire a love of Shakespeare's works in a world-wide audience by delivering open-access, peer-reviewed Shakespeare resources with the highest standards of scholarship, design, and usability". In order to accomplish this goal the ISE has employed a team of scholars to re-edit each of Shakespeare's plays for a the digital medium. These editions are published as they progress - making the content available when it is completed and allowing the integration of multimedia to enhance the value of the edition.

Latin Texts in Early Modern Europe

CAMENA, Latin Texts of Early Modern Europe is an umbrella project dedicated to "building a digital library of the humanistic Respublica Litterarum". Currently, the catalogue offers access to five growing collections: POEMATA, Neo-Latin poetry; HISTORICA & POLITICA, historical and political writing from Early Modern Germany; THESAURUS ERUDITIONIS, a handy reference collection of dictionaries and handbooks fro 1500-1750; CERA, Corpus Epistolicu Recentioris Aevi which is completed of Latin letter composed by German scholars; and ITALI, Renascentium Litterarum Libri Rariores which offers seventy of the early editions of works written by Italian Renaissance humanists before 1500.

Letters of William Herle Project

The Letters of William Herle is one of the several projects launched by the Centre for Editing Lives and Letters at the University College London. "This project draws together in a digital edition the surviving corpus of letters written by William Herle, an Elizabethan intelligencer". The letters help to form a rich resource for understanding and studying Early Modern England. Using XML, each of Herle's letters have beed marked up - preserving many of the features of the letter such as "address-leaves, textual deletions and marginal comments". The rich, searchable archive allows users to browse content by "archival location, date, author, recipient, first line or place from - as well as lists of multiple copies and letters with enclosures".

Lost Plays Database

"The Lost Plays Database is a wiki-style forum for scholars to share information about lost plays in England, 1570-1642. Its purpose is to add lost plays to scholarly discussions of early modern theatrical activity". The Lost Plays "are a potential source of significant information on playwrights, playing companies, venues in London and the provinces, repertory studies, and audiences". This database provides a browsable catalogue and a searchable collection that allows scholars to discover these works. The digital resource is completely open access.

Patrons and Performance

The Patrons and Performance website "is designed to include a wide range of data about professional performers on tour in the provinces – their patrons, the performance venues they used and the routes they took across the kingdom". Users are able to search the records of the database or browse by patron, event, venue, or troupe. Additionally, the project presents an interactive map that users can manipulate and search in order to see the traveling performance data rendered in a geographical manner. The Patrons and Performance resource is being constantly updated and expanded: in 2007 they launched a "genealogical component of the database" and now they are "developing modules demonstrating the Web Site’s potential for research and teaching".

Perseus Digital Library

Perseus Digital Library is a project that explores "what happens when libraries move online". As online publication platforms continue to emerge and "and millions of books become digital, this question is more pressing than ever". The mission of the Perseus Digital Library is to "to make the full record of humanity - linguistic sources, physical artifacts, historical spaces - as intellectually accessible as possible to every human being, regardless of linguistic or cultural background". This larger mission is supported by three aims: the development of human readable information, the creation of machine actionable knowledge, and the production of machine generate knowledge. The Perseus Digital Library has a particular focus upon the Greco-Roman world but also intended to cover Early Modern English, the American Civil War, the History of Mechanics, and much more.

Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to 1707

"The Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to 1707 (RPS) is a fully searchable database containing the proceedings of the Scottish parliament from the first surviving act of 1235 to the union of 1707". RPS is a collaborative project developed over the past decade by researchers at the University of St. Andrews. The aim of this online edition is to provide a a key historical resource in a free and accessible format. RPS provides contextual and historical information to surround the contents of the database. The database is fully searchable as well as sortable by reign/monarch.

Renascence Editions

Renascence Editions is an "online repository of works printed in English between the years of 1477-1799". Each of the entries in Renascence has information on the author of the work and the title of the work alongside a transcription or page facsimile. The database is searchable under author or title or users can browse by author. Renascence also archives critical work on items in the database.

Representative Poetry Online

Representative Poetry Online is a "web anthology of 4,800 poems in English and French by over 700 poets spanning 1400 years". The project began in 1994 under the direction of Ian Lancashire. The first version of the project offered 730 poems; over the past two decades the database has grown significantly. Representative Poetry Online is a rich resource that leverages a myriad of digital tools to present the online poetry archive. Poems can be searched for or browsed under title or author. The poems can also be visualized on a timeline that represents the significant births, deaths, composition of poems, and historical moments across a literary time period. Representative Poetry Online also archives a wide variety of poetry criticism.

Scriptorium: Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Online

Scriptorium: Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Online is a "digital archive of manuscript miscellanies and commonplace books from the period c. 1450-1720". Based in the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge, Scriptorium provides unrestricted access to the mages of these historic manuscripts alongside critical resources exploring the materiality of these book objects. Each entry in the database is searchable or browsable by topic and date. Thorough, high-quality page images are provided for each resource and detailed annotations have been written to summarize the content of the manuscript.