Digital Humanities Quarterly


Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ) is "an open-access, peer-reviewed, digital journal covering all aspects of digital media in the humanities". DHQ is published by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations. DHQ strives to straddle the divide between print and digital. The journal publishes traditional, scholarly articles as well as reviews of "of books, web sites, new media art installations, digital humanities systems and tools".

Editorial board: Julia Flanders, Brown University; Wendell Piez, Mulberry Technologies, Inc.; Melissa Terras, University College London; Geoffrey Rockwell, McMaster University; Joseph Raben, Queens College, City University of New York; John A. Walsh, Indiana University; John Unsworth, Brandeis University; Jessica Pressman, University of California, San Diego; Adriaan van der Weel, University of Leiden; Stéfan Sinclair, McGill University; Sarah Buchanan; Jan Christoph Meister, Hamburg University

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