CommentPress is a WordPress plugin or software extension that promotes the social lives of social texts in social contexts. CommentPress was created as a rebellion against the "ill-fitting metaphors from the realm of print" that have been haplessly prescribed to digital texts and failure to acknowledge that "the fact that texts take on different values and assume different properties when placed in the digital environment". CommentPress developed out of the Institute for the Future of the Book which was a special taskforce charged with addressing the "failure of imagination by stimulating a broad rethinking—in publishing, academia and the world at large—of books as networked objects". CommentPress was an experiment to see if the "popular net-native publishing form, the blog", could be "refashioned to enable social interaction around long-form texts". CommentPress situates reader responses alongside the text - paragraph by paragraph, line by line - thereby subverting the discussion hierarchy of blogs and creating a conversation.