CATMA: Computer Aided Textual Markup & Analysis

CATMA is a "practical and intuitive tool for literary scholars, students and other parties with an interest in text analysis and literary research". CATMA facilitates efficient literary analysis by "helping perform many of the procedures [...] that normally have to be carried out entirely manually". CATMA's key features include advanced search in the text, visualization of the distribution items of interest, the possibility of analysis a whole corpora of texts in one step, easy toggling between modules, and freely producible Tagsets. "CATMA integrates three functional, interactive modules: the Tagger, the Analyzer and the Visualizer": the Tagger implements of graphic interface for textual mark-up, the Analyzer has Query Builder that executes complex and powerful data inquires, and the Visualizer offers a wide range of charting possibilities that cater to the user's needs and preferences.