Lime Text

"Lime Text is a powerful and elegant text editor primarily developed in Go that aims to be a free and open-source software". Developed by a team at Google, Go is a programming language designed to make it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.Lime Text is designed with a few, selective frontend workspaces and a pluggable backend. With features like find and replace; multiple selection options, batch edits, and a sophisticated Goto Anything function, Lime Text is a simple editor with great capabilities.


"T‑PEN is a web-based tool for working with images of manuscripts". T-PEN is an "open and general tool for scholars of any technical expertise level". The program facilitates user's attaching data transcription to actual lines of text in a manuscript document. With a simple and flexible interface, T-PEN "allows transcriptions to be created, manipulated, and viewed in many ways". With the ability to export documents as a .pdf or an XML file, T-PEN caters to documents that are final drafts or are still in a working state.

PTC Arbortext Editor

"PTC Arbortext Editor enables the authoring of structured content with real-time validation". Arbortext Editor creates data that can be reused and repurpose by formatting it in compatible XL and SGML component-base content models. With a focus on maintaining industry standards and internal consistency, Arbortext Editor relies on "rules for content and stylesheets for formatting". Arbortext Editor features real-time validation in a "familiar, intuitive user interface with common word- processing capabilities, such as change tracking, drag-and-drop and keyboard macros".

Stylus Studio XML Editor

The XML Editor developed by Stylus Studio is a robust program with a wide range of applicable features. "Designed to make working with XML documents as easy as possible, Stylus Studio XML Editor includes fully intuitive editing and integrated XML troubleshooting applications. Stylus Studio XML Editor facilitates "multiple synchronized XML editing views" including tree, text, and grid. Its Sense:X technology - "an intelligent, XML-aware editing feature" - provides XML sensing, tag completion, and syntax colouring.


XMetaL is a structured authoring XML editor. XMetaL allows users to create and collaborate on XML document efficiently and effectively. The optimal integrating and transformation abilities, XMetaL allows for information to be repurposed and reused in multiple platforms. XMetaL's "extensibility enables you to integrate with content management and publishing systems to create an end-to-end solution—from authoring to reviewing, publishing, translation, and management". XMetaL is a flexible program that allows for customization while still maintaining the "most important XML standards".


jEdit is a "mature programmer's text editor". Combining "the best functionality of Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X text editors", jEdit launches a high functioning software suitable for advanced text editing. jEdit is comprised of a core software with a wide variety of plugins that expand the capability and specificity of the basic editor. jEdit provides a rich and user-intuitive interface with auto-indent and syntax highlighting for over languages.


Emacs is an extensible, customizable text editor developed by GNU. GNU was launched in 1983 with the mission of developing a unix-compatible system that would offer 100% free software - Emacs is one of these applications. Emacs is compatible with Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating system. Emacs provides a content-sensitive editing mode that is equipped with syntax colouring to aid users in identifying different components and file types. Emacs caters to a variety of users: providing tutorials for beginners and allowing customization for more advanced encoders.

Xmplify XML Editor

Xmplify XML Editor is "a powerful new XML editor built specifically for Mac OS X". Xmplify facilitates a full text editing environment with "XML Schema-based auto-completion, automatic document validation, XSLT and XPath support, live HTML preview and much more". The clean and colour-coded interface allows users to see their document's structure at a glance. The automatic document validation facilitates catching and correcting well-formedness in an efficient and immediate manner.

XMLSpy XML Editor

"The XMLSpy XML editor abstracts away the complexity of working with XML technologies through its intuitive user interface and rich variety of XML editing views and options". The user-friendly interface facilitates the creation of XML documents in text-based and graphical editing view, thereby catering to the visual preferences of the user. XMLSpy is equipped with"entry helpers, wizards, and debuggers designed" to assist the user in creating valid and well-formed XML files as well as optimize the cutting-edge XML applications available.

Liquid XML Studio & Editor

Liquid XML Studio is an advanced XML editor that facilitates the authoring, editing, transforming, debugging, and validating of XML documents. Liquid XML Editor provides a rich, text-based, and user-friendly interface with syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and schema aware validation. With the ability to edit in tree or tabular view, Liquid XML makes the import and export of "data from other data sources such as Excel and SQL Server" easy. Liquid XML is fully inoperable with XPath and can "infer an XML schema from your XML documents".