XML Conversion and Publishing


"TAPAS is the TEI Archive, Publishing, and Access Service, which provides small projects and individual scholars a low-cost hosted framework for publishing and archiving TEI data". The mission of the TAPAS project is to provide a repository of publishing and archiving services to those who "lack the institutional resources" to "store, share, and publish" their TEI data. TAPAS is a collaborative project led by Julia Flanders and Scott Hamlin that involves many institutions and people working together to develop, test, and provide the TAPAS tools.


XQuery is a widely implemented, highly powerful, cross-platform "standardized language for combining documents, databases, Web pages and almost anything else". XQuery facilitates the extraction and manipulation of XML data from any structured or unstructured source. Closely associated with and developed alongside XSLT, XQuery is able both a query language for XML documents and to transform individual documents into more human readable forms.


eXist is an open source database management system and application platform built using XML technology. eXist stores XML data and features an index-based XQuery processing function. eXist is written in Java and provides XQuery and XSLT as its search and application programs but it is compatible with other languages and frameworks. eXist is a schema-less database meaning that it can store "textual or binary data and documents without requiring a database schema". eXist is "fully based upon Open Standards and Open Source making it a future-proof and substainable choice".


XTF, or eXtensible Text Framework, "is a powerful open source platform for providing access to digital content". XTF is a combination of Java and XSLT coding that actively categorizes, searches, and displays digital objects. XTF facilitates such end-user functions as searching using Boolean commands or wildcard operators, performing structure-aware searches, and creating RSS feeds from search results. XTF is easy to deploy, easy to configure, and extremely robust as it is "optimized to perform well on large documents".

TEI Boilerplate

TEI Boilerplate is a "lightweight solution for publishing styled TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) P5 content directly in modern browsers". In order to be presentation-ready, TEI files must be transformed into HTML using XLST and styled with a CSS. While these processes have their advantages, they also involve developing methods and implementing skills that reach far beyond the knowledge of TEI.

XSL Stylesheets

XSL, or the Extensible Stylesheet Language, is a "family of recommendations for defining XML document transformation and presentation". XSL consists of three parts: XSLT, a language for transforming XML documents; XPath, an expression language used by XSLT to access or refer to parts of an XML document; and XSL-FO, an XML vocabulary for specifying formatting semantics. As a language for expressing style sheets, XSL (like a CSS) describes how an XML document should be displayed.

TEI Roma

TEI Roma is a web application "tool for working with TEI customizations". A TEI customization is a document that allows you to write an individualized schema to define the elements and attributes of your TEI system. The schema presents the semantics of how a document should be read and customization allows you to personalize this set of rules to more fully suit the particular needs of your TEI. The customization provided by TEI Roma allows users to develop tagging and encoding practices for specific elements or attributes that appear outside the TEI Guidelines.


Pandoc is an open source, universal document converter that can transform files from one markup style to another. Developed by John MacFarlane, a philosophy professor at the University of California, Berkley, Pandoc is a widely used writing tool for scholars and a popular platform for publishing workflows.


OxGarage is a web service that manages the transformation of documents between a variety of files formats. OxGarage uses TEI-XML as its pivot format and is a great tool for converting TEI-XML into Word and Word into TEI-XML. However, it is also capable of converting many other file formats, such as .txt, .rtf, Word Perfect, xHTML, PowerPoint, Excel, and many more. To use the program, users upload their base document and select their target format. OxGarage then computes and executes the necessary transformation steps to render the new document.